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Happy Ending


Artist: Wax Idols
Label: Etruscan Gold Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 May 2018

Wax Idols are a four-piece based out of Oakland, CA; their sound is inspired and drawn from a varying strains of post-punk (songwriting elements from darkwave and Factory/Rough Trade pioneers, as well as the complex interplay and emotion of post-hardcore) and classic pop-rock hooks, without sounding like copycats of those that have come before. Happy Ending is their fourth LP...

Happy Ending is a pretty impressive album. Wax Idols lineup consists of founder and frontperson Hether Fortune (vocals, guitar, bass, organ) with Peter Lightning (guitar, bass, organ, piano), Rachel Travers (drums), and Marisa Prietto (bass, backing vocals). Since the album’s completion, Bay Area musician Greer McGettrick (formerly of The Mallard) has joined the band on bass.

This is one of those albums where you'll start off loving certain tracks, only to discover several plays later that you've found an appreciation for songs that you weren't overly struck by on the first few play throughs.

While the band describe themselves as post-punk, it's a very watered down version - which is no bad thing. There's well structured melodies and plenty of diversity here. Of the album's 11 tracks (43 min, 08 sec) songs that are instantly accessible include 'Too Late', 'Crashing' and 'Scream'.

Overall an enjoyable and well produced album.


Nick Smithson

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