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Naughty Naughty Violence


Artist: Canshaker Pi
Label: Excelsior
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 June 2018

Canshaker Pi release their new album, Naughty Naughty Violence, via Excelsior. The Amsterdam quartet deliver their own strain of ‘slacker’ rock which, if you're familiar with the genre, you'll instantly warm too - maybe because they tread familiar ground

The album contains 12 tracks (35 min, 15 sec) and offers little in the way of surprises. It's an album that you'll love or totally not get. There's a little too much Nirvana in 'Smurf' for it not to be a tongue-in-cheek homage and I couldn't help but be reminded of The Pixies every now and then.

It's a well produced album and contains just the right about of guitar feedback, frenetic drumming and interesting guitar riffs to keep your interest.


Nick Smithson

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