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Artist: Kamar & the Bugged Mind Crew
Label: E.47 Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 June 2018

Artist, rapper and music executive Cyril Kamar has joined together 15 creatives from different backgrounds around the world to form a new international art collective - Kamar & The Bugged Mind Crew. Their first album, Avenues, is released through Kamar's E.47 Records label...

The idea behind Kamar's new project, Kamar & the Bugged Mind Crew, was to surround himself with some of the world’s finest independent creatives to produce a new album with a distinct style and sound. Kamar wanted to re-imagine a visionary collective in a “Warholian” approach, inspired by post-modern street culture and avant-garde, mixing music, visual arts and contemporary art.

Influenced by New York and Toronto's music scene, Avenues includes contributors include the artists JonOne, Pierre Soulages, international model Fernanda Oliveira, fashion icon Melle Agnès, Givenchy beauty director Nicolas Degennes and many more. Their global project is a blend of music, fashion, and culture through sound, vision and digital art.

As an experimental collective, this pretty much does what they set out to do. The end result is a diverse and engaging collection of tracks that are infectious and memorable.


Nick Smithson

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