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Soundtrack Review

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Heathers (1988)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(2018 Varèse Encore Edition)


Composer: David Newman
Label: Varèse Sarabande Records
RRP: £13.99

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Release Date: 18 June 2018

Varèse Sarabande Records release a deluxe edition of David Newman’s classic score for the cult classic Heathers from 1989. Veronica is part of the most popular clique at her high school, but she disapproves of the other girls' cruel behaviour. When Veronica and her new boyfriend, J.D., confront clique leader Heather Chandler and accidentally poison her, they make it appear a suicide. Soon Veronica realizes that J.D. is intentionally killing students he does not like. She races to stop J.D. while also clashing with the clique's new leader, Heather Duke...

The latest CD Club title from Varèse Sarabande is David Newman's 1988 score from Heathers. The concept of the CD Club debuted in 1989 as a mail order exclusive releasing limited edition batches of beloved previously unreleased or long-out of print scores, carefully curated by Robert Townson.

Newman's music here is very much of its time. It's a, mostly, electronic score that ages the soundtrack, and film, quite badly. Those that grew up with the film will relish the opportunity to own this again, with additional tracks, but for everyone else it will be more of a quaint curiosity.

Track list:

01. Strip Croquet (1:55)  
02. Suicide Note (2:10)
03. J.D. Blows Up (2:11)  
04. The Forest (2:00)  
05. You’re Beautiful (2:12)
06. Martha Dumptruck (1:12) 
07. Third Funeral (1:52)
08. Veronica and J.D. (1:10)  
09. First Funeral (1:56)  
10. The Dorm (1:01)
11. Back To School (1:11)  
12. Forest Chase (1:29)  
13. Heather’s Locker (1:09)  
14. Veronica’s Shower (:44)  
15. Into the Cafeteria (:50)  
16. Veronica’s Dream (1:56)  
17. J.D.’s Final Stand (2:59)  
18. Dorm Party (3:32)  
19. Croquet (1:31)  
20. Second Funeral (1:29)
21. Poor Little Heather (:56)  
22. J.D.’s Bomb (3:53)
23. Petition Montage (2:29)


Darren Rea