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Wait for Love


Artist: Cam Maclean
Label: Atelier Ciseaux
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 July 2018

Cam Maclean is one of the founding members of Montreal pop outfit Vesuvio Solo. He is a versatile guitar player and singer-songwriter, who writes confessional pop music. His new album, Wait for Love, is released through Atelier Ciseaux...

Drawing on personal experience to explore heartache, loss, contemporary masculinity and redemption, Cam Maclean's new album contains 8 songs (27 min, 47 sec). It's a little short for it to be called a full length LP.

The tracks on Wait for Love are interesting enough, but there's nothing here we haven't heard before. It's a laid back affair that has its roots in soft rock from a bygone era.

The production was the one thing that really grabbed my attention. It gives the whole album a sort of hazy sound, as though you're listening to it through a tube (if that makes sense). It's a little trippy and wraps everything up in a strangely comforting sound.

It's not the sort of album you'll dig out six months from now, but for a brief distraction from what you normally listen to, this is momentarily satisfying.


Nick Smithson

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