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Name Plus Focus


Artist: LFZ
Label: Castle Face Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 July 2018

LFZ's release their new LP, Name Plus Focus, via Castle Face Records. This electronic album was recorded in a number of locations using many different synthesizers, guitars and recording techniques both analog and digital...

Talking about his new album, Sean Smith describes Name Plus Focus as representing "multiple facets and characteristics of one’s whole true self while staring into the dark abyss with determination to find purpose. It links these notions with elemental themes of nature in both senses: the physical realm and the inner landscape".

The album contains 7 tracks (35 min, 14 sec) and represents a collection of hypnotic, beautifully mellow and engaging electronic themes. Part classical music, part ambient, the LP is the score to all our lives; of man's limited time on this planet and the many struggles he/she must face.

It's a beautiful, engaging album that has a timeless energy to it. This is an LP you'll still pick up and play years from now.


Nick Smithson

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