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Dinner and a Show


Artist: T-Shirt Weather
Label: Everything Sucks Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 July 2018

T-Shirt Weather release their second album 'Dinner and a Show' through London label Everything Sucks Music. Part of the same Durham DIY scene as the likes of Martha, T-Shirt Weather started as a pop-punk band made of three 20-year old friends from Durham and have ended up "a dad-rock band made up of old timers"...

T-Shirt Weather's new album, Dinner and a Show, is a diverse beast. And this is its main attraction or its overall problem, depending on your point of view. I did get the feeling, after listening to the 10 tracks (27 min, 10 sec) numerous times, that the band had no real identity for fans to get behind. From track to track I was reminded of other artists work, and didn't really see anything shine through that would make me want to recommend them as a must follow band.

'30 Teeth' is a little Cheap Trick-esque, 'Scratches' is a '90s indie rock track, whilst 'Blue Inhaler' is steeped in '70s nostalgia. Songs like 'Valentine's Day 2015' and 'Beak of a Bird' are annoying and sound too amateurish compared to the other songs on the LP. 'Loneliest Bronco at the Rodeo', for me, was the one standout track.

I did find it a mildly interesting diversion, but the fact that this release has a run time of under 30 mins, which pretty much makes it shorter than some EPs, will probably try the patience of even their most devoted of fans.


Nick Smithson

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