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From the Archives
Volume 2


Artists: Various
Compiled by: Volcov
Label: BBE
Release Date: 07 September 2018

Neroli label founder Volcov returns with the second volume of compilation series From The Archive on BBE Music. In this second volume, Volcov’s musical roots are once again evident in a jazzy collection of hidden gems spanning genres and continents. As Volcov puts it: “the spirit and the sound of this album follows the first volume: choosing more songs that I thought were overlooked and deserved more attention. This time, with such a crowded marketplace for reissues and compilation of 70s-80s music, I decided only to focus on songs from the last 10-15 years...”

From the Archives: Volume 2 is a 13 track (1 hr 18 min, 14 sec) compilation album packed to bursting with overlooked modern tracks that had the potential to be classics... but never received the exposure they so rightly deserved.

This time around, Volcov has only gone back 15 years, something that may surprise the casual listener as a lot of these tracks feel like they could have been recorded in the '70s and '80s.

This is certainly an album that's diverse and engaging and Volcov should be championed for bringing what should have been instant classics into the limelight.

Track listing:

01. All That Glitters - Carleen Anderson
02. Let the Music Play - Collective Peace
03. Turn It Around (Eric Lau Remix) - Ruth Koleva
04. Caterpillar - The Rebirth
05. Ori Space - Ron Trent
06. Spiraling Prism - Ian O'Brien
07. Planet Birth (Xantoné Blacq Remix - Volcov Edit) - Intuit
08. Moonblood (IG SOS Mix) - Numbers
09. The Blue Room (Feat. TK Blue) [Kaidi Tatham's Shokazuku Remix] - Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon
10. I Put a Spell On You (Feat. Cindy Mizelle) - Honey Sweet
11. Finding the Peace - Skymark
12. The After Life (Part 2) - Harry Whitaker
13. Lawra (Volcov Edit) - Tony Williams


Nick Smithson

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