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Flowers in the Spring


Artist: The Molochs
Label: Innovative Leisure
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 September 2018

Hot off the heels of their 2017 release, America’s Velvet Glory, The Molochs bring us Flowers in the Spring. While I wasn't a huge fan of their previous album, I approached this new LP with an open mind. Sadly, once again, I didn't find anything here that really got me excited.

The press release compares them to The Kinks, Dylan and Lou Reed. Unfortunately I didn't get that at all. This 13 track (41 min, 55 sec) album plays it safe, which results in bland, uninteresting songs. Once again the vocals are hit and miss. But if you're a fan of the band none of this will be an issue for you.

To me it just felt like the guys were bored and going through the motions of delivering another album when they didn't really have very much to say.


Nick Smithson

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