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Artist: C-Ras
Label: Beat Art Department
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 21 September 2018

A temple is a place of rest and mediation. A place where you can find yourself and cleanse your mind. In the Rastafarian belief, this is not a special place or building but your very own body. It needs no institution or monument to be closer to oneself and the divine. Consequently, each temple is individual and each individual is a temple. On 20 beats C-Ras tells about his spiritual journey to himself and allows the listener an insight into his temple. The young Municher discovered the Rastafarian faith during his countless travels to the land of his father, the Caribbean island of Barbados. C-Ras has long been active in the Munich scene with his band Greenery Force...

Temple is C-Ras's latest album, containing 20 tracks (39 min, 19 sec). This is arguably his most personal album so far, with C-Ras baring his soul for all to see.

If you've new to C-Ras's world, strap yourself in and prepare for a bit of a wild ride. Using the Abrahamic religion more commonly known as Rastafari as its inspiration, this funky, trippy album takes the listener on a journey into C-Ras's spiritual self, where Jah is waiting.

The sounds and themes that penetrate Temples are diverse and intriguing. It sounds like little snapshots of C-Ras's physical life to date. Every now and then you'll catch a sound you recognise but may not have heard for years. For example, 'Sacrifice' and 'Mt. Zion' house '90s hip-hop vibes with 8-bit console sounds. And did I hear Chewbacca?!?

It's upbeat and quirky. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if it works for you you'll get a blast.


Nick Smithson

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