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Too Much Future


Artist: Ex-Poets
Label: Text Me Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 September 2018

Text Me Records release Ex-Poets's new album, Too Much Future, an indie-pop LP tinted with regret for the present, whilst looking fondly back to the past, and nervously towards an uncertain future. You could call it a very modern kind of malaise: we rewind the past like an old VHS tape, endlessly looping the moments that have slipped through our fingers; and so in turn we gaze to the future, our sights set on checklist of goals that will fill us finally with contentment...

Too Much Future is not the sort of album you want to listen to if you need cheering up. It's quite a dark release full of melancholic tracks - 11 (34 min, 46 sec). But it's a sound you soon feel comfortable with.

'Bands of Colors' is a mellow pop song tinted with regret, feeling back to a memory, a place, a time, a person. This is introspective music for twilight times, headphone music for strolling city streets.

'Animales' had a distinct ring of Eels about it. Possibly because the vocals are very similar, a sort of mumbling effortlessness delivery.

As debut albums go, Too Much Future is an impressive start. There's a diversity here that sees the band trying out their influences, and the results are fairly impressive.


Nick Smithson

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