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East Plants


Artist: Takeo Moriyama
Label: BBE Music
Release Date: 28 September 2018

BBE Music present the next installment in the J Jazz Masterclass Series: East Plants by Takeo Moriyama, one of Japan’s finest jazz drummers. A genuine ‘under the radar’ album known only to a handful of Japanese jazz collectors, East Plants is now available once more, reissued for the first time as a double 180g LP, with exact reproductions of the original artwork, obi strip and insert. It also comes with the original notes fully translated. East Plants is also available as CD and digital formats. This reissue is fully endorsed by Moriyama himself. Originally released in 1983 on the Japanese VAP label, East Plants distills several key characteristics of Moriyama’s music: clearly articulated and inventive rhythms, open yet orderly arrangements, and an accessible groove balanced with a graceful control...

East Plants is a diverse and engaging Jazz album from drummer Takeo Moriyama. It contains 6 songs (36 min, 31 sec) and if you don't already own this 1983 release, then now is the perfect opportunity to finally add it to your collection.

It's well worth spending a little time in Moriyama's world. It's a carefully crafted album that shifts pace and style constantly meaning that there's little opportunity for your mind to wander and is a release that grows the more time you invest with it.

Originally released in 1983, it's a testament to the source material that this still sounds as fresh and engaging as it did when it was originally published.


Nick Smithson

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