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(1963 Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen Recording)


Artist: Thelonious Monk
Label: Gearbox Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 September 2018

Gearbox Records release a rare gem that jazz lovers will be eager to get their hands on. Mønk is a previously unreleased recording from 05 March 1963 from Thelonious Monk, which was recorded at Odd Fellow Palæet, Copenhagen...

The original tapes from this recording were saved from a skip and have been faithfully restored, mastered and cut using Gearbox's all-analogue process. While there are countless recording of Monk, here his quartet features saxophonist Charlie Rouse, bassist John Ore and drummer Frankie Dunlop - his most critically acclaimed quartet.

To be perfectly honest, even if you're not a huge jazz fan you'll be blown away with this recording. This is jazz with a passion. Jazz with melody.

For me the highlight has to be Monk's piano piece 'Body and Soul'. A little rough around the edges, as you'd expect from a live performance, but with a lot of energy and soul.


Nick Smithson

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