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An Actor Prepares
Original Motion Picture Score (EP)


Composer: Tony Morales
Label: Lakeshore Records
Release Date: 05 October 2018

Lakeshore Records release the score for An Actor Prepares. The album features original music by multiple Emmy-nominated composer Tony Morales. After a near death experience, Atticus Smith, a world famous actor renowned for his drinking as much as his acting, must drive cross country to his favourite daughter’s wedding with a son, Adam, who once testified against him. More than endure the journey, Adam and Atticus must survive each other...

Tony Morales score for An Actor Prepares is full of upbeat, quirky, pop-based themes. It's an interesting score, but it may not be to everyone's taste as it's mainly composed of short music cues rather than themes that build and grow throughout the album.

That's no bad thing, it's just that on first appearance this 17 track (14 min, 08 sec) may seem a little lightweight. While repeat listens make this a rewarding release, it's probably only for fans of the movie.


Darren Rea

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