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Artist: Hayley
Label: Memphis Industries
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 12 October 2018

Memphis Industries releases the new album from Canadian-born artist Haley entitled Pleasureland. Harkening back to her 2011 release Golder, which featured two instrumental tracks, Haley has taken the instrumental concept a few steps further in a bold musical statement which features no vocals...

Pleasureland stradles the line between classical and instrumental pop. Transitioning from the erratic, synth-driven intro of 'Credit Forever Part 1' into the deeply enchanting 'Give Yourself Away', which blends piano melodies in the style of French Romanticism with the production stylings of Brian Eno to build a sonic landscape which is as lovely as it is uneasy.

This is a wonderfully reflective album that's mellow and rich in parts and encompasses experimental jazz from time to time. The LP contains 12 tracks (27 min, 15 sec) and while I enjoyed it a lot, the very short run time was a problem for me. If you're going to release a full album at least give your fans a good 40 mins of material.


Nick Smithson

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