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Artist: Vaureen
Label: Rising Pulse Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 October 2018

Rising Pulse Records release Vaureen's new album, Extraterra. Formed in 2011 in Brooklyn, New York, this three-piece outfit combine off-kilter fuzz of mid-90’s grunge aligned against abreactive passages of noise, left-of-centre shoegaze and the bleak doom of psych-infused stoner rock...

There's something quite infectious about Vaureen's sound. It could be the punky, fuzzy production values. It could be Andrea Horne's captivating vocals. Or it could be the raw energy that's poured out over these 10 songs (42 min, 02 sec).

One thing you can't accuse the band of is falling into a rut and going with a similar style from track to track. There's an impressive diversity on display here that makes it hard to not instantly fall in love with.

'Run to the Forest' sees the band in alt-rock mode, while 'Forms' is pure garage grunge and 'Ouroboros' is more of a trippy, indie track.

An impressive and enjoyable album that will bring many hours of listening pleasure.


Nick Smithson

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