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Tadaima (1981) (2018 Reissue)


Artist: Akiko Yano
Label: Wewantsounds
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 November 2018

Wewantsounds reissues Akiko Yano's 1981 synth-pop album Tadaima ("I'm home" in Japanese). This was Yano's fifth studio album and first attempt to leave the acoustic piano aside and delve into the synth sounds of the early '80s. The result is a fascinating electro pop LP mixing Japanese and English lyrics...

If this is your first time listening to the album you're in for a surprise. Whether that's a good or bad surprise will depend on your point of view. First of all you have to remember that this was released in 1981, and was pretty much unique in its style and delivery. Yes, it sounds odd and quirky now, but back then... well, it was still odd and quirky to be honest.

Yano delivers upbeat pop songs such as 'Tadaima', 'I Sing,' 'Harusaki Kobeni" (which became a huge hit in Japan after it was used in a Japanese cosmetics ad), while 'Taiyo no Onara' is a suite composed of nine short stories written by young children.

Looking back on it, almost 40 years since its original release it hasn't aged quite as well as expected... but then it was always a rather niche album to begin with.


Nick Smithson

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