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Artist: Chris Garneau
Label: The Orchard
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 November 2018

Chris Garneau's fourth full-length album, Yours, is released through The Orchard, and follows on from his earlier LPs; Music for Tourists (2006), El Radio (2009) and Winter Games (2013)...

Chris Garneau's sound is one that you'll love or not understand the appeal. Personally, I lean more towards the latter camp. What he delivers on Yours is fine, it's just that it's nothing too special.

The LP consists of 9 tracks (49 min, 59 sec) and while beautifully produced and presented there's nothing here that's either memorable nor makes you sit up and take notice.

I've been listening to it constantly for over a week now, and I'm no closer to knowing it or liking it. Overall it feels like a rather bland collection of well produced songs.


Nick Smithson

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