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Artist: Public Memory
Label: Felte
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 November 2018

Representing a mixture of damaged and dubbed-out percussion, unfurling synths and sparse sampling, Brooklyn-based Public Memory release their second full-length album, Demolition, via Felte...

Demolition contains 8 songs (39 min, 42 sec), mutating and shifting stance from track to track. It opens with the engaging, hypnotic 'The Line', and if I'm being perfectly honest this is where it peaks. That's not an insult, as this is a fine song. It's just that if you're gearing yourself up for more of the same you may be disappointed.

'Red Rainbow' starts promisingly with a memorable opening, but the further through the track it goes, the more chaotic it becomes. The rest of the album rumbles along without really producing anything that will grab you. Even the closing track 'Trick of the Light' while interesting, fails to capture the magic of the opener.

For fans of Public Memory, or electronic pop in general, this will act as a momentary distraction until the next thing comes along.


Nick Smithson

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