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Vaky Masoandro


Artist: T-Vibe
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Release Date: 11 November 2018

Saxophonist, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist, TahinaVibe is a music enthusiast, music teacher, choir conductor, arranger and composer... He releases his latest album, Vaky Masoandro, through Plaza Major Company Ltd...

Vaky Masoandro is jazz album with a ton of soul and a huge heart. The LP's 8 tracks (28 min, 25 sec) - although the press information indicates there are 9 tracks - are instantly accessible. In fact, on the second play through I was tapping my feet in recognition, as those these were old favourite tunes I'd been listening to for years.

This is an album that won't only appeal to jazz fans. There's enough quality material here to act as an introduction to the genre.

My only complaint is that it's too damn short. I could have listened to so much more.


Nick Smithson

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