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Perfect Things


Artist: Peppermint Heaven
Label: Megahit Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 November 2018

Los Angeles-based duo Peppermint Heaven release their new album Perfect Things. Their unique brand of '80s style indie pop has earned them a cult following over the last five years, and the new project looks set to continue the growth of their ever-growing fan base. The band is Juno (keyboards and vocals) and Spark (bass guitar, drums and vocals)...

Following on from 2016's Precious Things and 2017's Curious Things, Peppermint Heaven release their new album, Perfect Things. I have to admit that even though I still find the band's specific brand of '80s pop nostalgia enjoyable, the novelty is starting to get a little old. I couldn't help thinking that the lyrics were a bit cheesy and amateurish on several of the tracks.

More than anything other '80s band, The Thompson Twins is the one impression that sprang to mind when I was listening to this album. This is mostly down to the very similar vocals, but there's the odd beat here and there in the music too.

There's also the occasional nod to The Smiths and Simple Minds in tracks like 'Don't Give Light to the Darkness'. This is another delicious slice of modern pop with one foot firmly planted in the '80s.


Nick Smithson

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