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Music from the DreamWorks Animation Short Film (EP)


Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch
Label: Back Lot Music
Release Date: 14 January 2019

Back Lot Music release an EP of Benjamin Wallfisch's music for DreamWorks's animated short Bilby. The film follows a timid bilby who stumbles across an abandoned baby albatross who is in need of help. After Bilby frees the chick it follows bilby, who just wants to go back to trying to find food in their hostile environment...

Benjamin Wallfisch delivers a beautifully complex and emotionally rewarding score for Bilby. That will be no surprise to those that have been following his output in recent years (Annabelle: Creation; Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain; Conquest 1453; Desert Dancer; The Escapist; Gamba; Hammer of the Gods; IT; Pressure; The Thirteenth Tale).

It might not be the longest soundtrack you've ever heard, coming in at just 5 tracks (7 min, 19 sec), but there are more interesting themes here than are on many a full blown soundtrack.

Thematically this is very similar in style to James Horner's animated movie output, but more importantly it's a wonderful accompaniment to Wallfisch's work on Gamba. There's also a segment in 'Outback Chase' that reminded me of Howard Shore's score for Mrs Doubtfire.

Animated movies almost always seen to end up having this style of emotive score and thankfully Wallfisch manages to deliver another winner


Darren Rea

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