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Artist: Mozes and the Firstborn
Label: Burger Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 25 January 2019

Netherlands four-piece Mozes and the Firstborn release their new album, Dadcore, via Burger Records. The band present the record as a mix-tape, a colourful collection of eclectic songs that they've hand chosen and want you to fall in love with...

Mozes and the Firstborn's new LP, Dadcore, feels like a loosely thrown together collection of eclectic songs. In reality this shouldn't really work... but for some crazy reason it does, and beautifully so.

The LP consists of 18 tracks (39 min, 29 sec) with the production of each song being deliberately approached differently to highlight the wide influences on the album. It opens with the titular 'Dadcore', a fuzzy guitar rock anthem that kicks things off on the right note.

Songwriter Melle Dieleson explained the origins of the album: "Dadcore is a love letter to rock music. It's an ode to being in a band. After eight years we still sometimes play shows where only twelve people show up, there's no backstage and the fee is a case of beer and a place to crash. Nonetheless, there's four people up on that stage rocking out as hard as they can. That's Dadcore to me."

For different reasons, I totally fell in love with every single song on this album. But I have to admit that hands down, the highlight was the closer, 'Fly Out II', which really does leave you wanting more.

An engaging album from a tight group. The fact that they're doing this for the love of it totally shines through.


Nick Smithson

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