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You Found Me


Artist: JR Slayer
Label: Slayer Shed Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 February 2019

JR Slayer releases his new album, You Found Me, via Slayer Shed Records. The LP is the latest project of Head Wound City guitarist Cody Votolato, whose past lives include The Blood Brothers and Jaguar Love...

You Found Me consists of 9 songs (36 min, 16 sec). This is one of those releases that's hard to categorise - which always makes albums a joy to listen to. There's a little rock, a little indie and a tip of the hat towards folk.

I totally loved the guitar part in the opener, 'I'll Never Leave U'. It's simple and a little repetitive, but it's used sparingly and really helps to elevate a good solid song into something much more engaging.

'This is Alone' is a song that instantly sounds familiar. Votolato's vocals sound raw and vulnerable and there's an almost nervous, timid feel to the performance - which, oddly enough, gives it its strength.

'In A Sea of Anonymity' is about as close to folk as JR Slayer strays. It's a good solid track with a catchy main theme.

It's certainly an LP that takes a while to get your head around, but if you invest the time in it you'll reap the rewards.


Nick Smithson

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