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Artist: Unloved
Label: Heavenly Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 February 2019

Unloved, made up of vocalist and songwriter Jade Vincent, her partner producer/composer Keefus Ciancia and the DJ and producer/composer David Holmes, release their second album, Heartbreak, via Heavenly Recordings...

Heartbreak is an interesting album and one that refuses to be pigeonholed into a convenient genre. It's an indie offering with toes in many genres. There's even elements of movie scores incorporated. 'Bill', which has a '60s Mowtown feel, also incorporates elements of a horror movie score. Meanwhile, 'Danger' has a trumpet motif that wouldn't sound out of place in a parallel universe's James Bond film.

It's this "other dimension" feel that permeates the album. It's as though the band has written the songs and then reworked them to sound just a little surreal, off kilter and hauled out of the silty depths of the past. Yet somehow in all this, each track seems to sound modern, even futuristic.

The LP consists of 13 tracks (46 min, 47 sec), opening with the title track 'Heartbreak', which is guaranteed to stick in your head. And this pretty much sets the scene perfectly for what is to come. 'Crash Boom Bang' has a brass segment that will sound familiar, and its use here adds to the trippyness of the album.

It's a weird one. One that I loved for its sheer originality and infectiousness. But it won't be to everyone's taste.


Nick Smithson

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