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Renmen Laments


Composers: Various
Conductor: Eric Christopher Perry
Performed by: Renaissance Men
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 February 2019

Navona Records latest release, Renmen Laments performed by Renaissance Men, an exploration into the valleys of the soul. For most, creating art in the realm of somber moods poses challenges. For the Renaissance Men, the melancholic nature of their musical exploration is not only achieved individually but shared amongst the talents of the vocalists...

The Renaissance Men approach these 8 compositions (46 min, 45 sec) with conviction. Taking various composers work, they produce beautiful, harmonious choral renditions that on occasion feel ethereal, lifting even the darkest of moods.

The ensemble approaches these compositions with the finesse employed by their composers. Compositions written by instrumental performers are translated by the choir, reimagining the intricacies of the string instruments with the rich power of the human vocals. But power also comes in the words expressed through composition. The religious text communicated by the choir tells tales of sorrow and faith, and of lessons found in the Old Testament. There is a holy aura reminiscent in the Renaissance Men’s music, and the result is an album that is magnetic in the enlightened lament.

While, as a whole, this was an enjoyable release, for me, the track that made the strongest impression was 'The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet - Invocation'.

If you're a fan of choral albums, then you'll get a lot of pleasure from this sumptuous release.

Track listing:

Pablo Casals arr. Clifford G. Richter
01 - O Vos Omnes

Patricia Van Ness
02 - Psalm 3

Darius Milhaud
03 - Psaume 121

Thomas Tallis, arr. Eric Christopher Perry and Anthony Burkes Garza
The Lamentations of Jeremiah
04 - Part 1
05 - Part 2

Daniel E. Gawthrop
The Promises of Isaiah the Prophet
06 - Invocation
07 - Part 1
Soloists Kilian Mooney, Brian Church, Alexander Nishibun, Will Prapestis, Eric Christopher Perry
08 - Part 2


Darren Rea

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