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Moonlight Navigator


Composer: Maximilien Mathevon
Label: Plaza Mayor Company
Release Date: 15 February 2019

Maximilien Mathevon's latest concept album, Moonlight Navigator is released via Plaza Mayor Company Ltd. This electronic album was inspired by astronomy, the stars and the way they guide navigators...

One of the highlights, for me, of reviewing scores is when a composer whose work you enjoy immensely, releases a concept album. This allows the artist to let their own personality shine through their compositions, delivering something that reflects their own personality.

We've been spoilt by Maximilien Mathevon who has not only delivered some intricate scores (Péplum: Muscles, Glaives et Fantasmes; Terror and Glamour The Rise and Fall of Hammer Studio; Wild) but also released several concept albums (Fly Away; Outside; Sundown Chronicles). Moonlight Navigator, I'd argue, is his most personal and beautiful work to date.

The album contains 9 tracks (46 min, 13 sec). It's got that '80s electronic feel running through it. In fact I was reminded of Klaus Doldinger and Giorgio Moroder's work on The Neverending Story (1984) on 'Among the Stars' and 'Watch the Sky'.

It's an intricate and multi-layered release which I enjoyed more each time I listened to it. Even if you usually don't go in for electronic scores the themes are strong enough to win you over.

A beautifully structured collection of impressive and memorable themes.


Darren Rea

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