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Deep Rivers
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Murat Kabardokov
Label: Plaza Mayor Company
Release Date: 06 March 2019

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd release Murat Kabardokov's score for Deep Rivers. At 7 tracks (18 min, 14 sec) this is more an EP than it is a full blown album.

In truth, I found the majority of the tracks to be pretty average. Nothing outstanding, but nothing that dull either. It was only the last track 'Final' (5 min, 30 sec) which actually made me prick up my ears. It takes pieces from the previous tracks, but delivers quite an interesting overall theme - melancholic and atmospheric.

I'm grateful that Plaza Mayor Company released this rather unusual score even if, for the most part it's pretty run of the mill.


Darren Rea

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