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Safe Passage


Artist: Astralingua
Label: Astralingua
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 March 2019

Composer Joseph Andrew Thompson and backup vocalist Anne Rose Thompson create evocative and eerily harmonized music as Astralingua. The nomadic space-folk duo explores life’s unknowns, blending haunting vocal harmonies, radiant strings, and otherworldly soundscapes into crafted songs that fall somewhere between classical, folk and psychedelia...

Safe Passage sees Astralingua push their comfort zone to breaking point as the duo deliver retro folk songs mixed in with more modern indie folk music. There's a distinct '70s vibe running throughout this album's 11 songs (45 min).

It won't be to everyone's tastes and if you're not a fan of folk music then there's little here to make you change your point of view. While personally I wasn't a huge fan, I was impressed with the diversity and production of this release.


Nick Smithson

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