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Fade into the Dawn


Artist: Field Medic
Label: Run for Cover
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 April 2019

Field Medic's new LP, Fade into the Dawn, is released through Run for Cover. Field Medic is the moniker of Kevin Patrick, who gives us 10 tracks (30 min, 39 sec) of modern folk music.

There's a little bit of Bob Dylan running throughout this album... not only do the songs come from a similar place, but the sound mix gives it a retro feel too. It's poetic and engaging, but for some reason I couldn't warm to it as much as I know I should have.

The minimalist acoustic arrangements and lo-fi production aesthetic blend seamlessly with Patrick's raw vocals. It's a brave, engaging and bold album. Even though I wasn't a huge fan, I can at least appreciate the journey he takes us on. Give it a whirl... you might enjoy it.


Nick Smithson

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