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Mission Control
The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Chris Roe
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 April 2019

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd release Chris Roe's original score for Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo. At the heart of the Apollo program was the special band of brothers in Mission Control. The feature documentary film tells their stories, describing the rural homesteads and smokestack towns they came from, and the remarkable team they became. The film consists of interviews with those who worked in Mission Control and astronauts, enhanced by extraordinary archive, stunning VFX and an original orchestral score. The film covers the first journeys to the moon by Apollo 8 and Apollo 11, and the huge effort required to save the crew of Apollo 13...

Chris Roe (Spitfire) has composed an exhilarating thrill ride of a score for the documentary film Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo. The album consists of 14 tracks (29 min, 21 sec). What it lacks in duration, it more than makes up for in quality.

Talking about the score, Roe said: "Blending the orchestra with vintage synthesisers, the soundtrack to Mission Control: Unsung Heroes of Apollo is an emotional roller coaster, capturing the nerves, intense focus and brief moments of elation felt by the ‘guys on the ground’ in NASA’s Apollo era. However, alongside the unfolding drama of the Apollo missions, the real focus of this film is on the camaraderie and loyalty of this closely-knit team, and throughout the soundtrack the warm glow of American folk music reflects their personal stories."

There isn't a dull or wasted second of music here. Every track houses an incredibly deep theme. The score is an emotional thrill ride which will send a shiver of excitement down your spine. From the ethereal choral-based 'Problem Solving' to the brooding, gothic 'Gemini', this is a soundtrack you'll instantly fall in love with.


Darren Rea

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