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Welcome Home


Artist: Hannah Cohen
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 April 2019

New York singer-songwriter Hannah Cohen's releases her latest album, Welcome Home, through Bella Union. Cohen’s evocative voice is surrounded by dreamy, swooning incantations, from the rippling 'This Is Your Life' and the slow-burning, forthright statement of 'All I Want', to the soul swagger of 'Get in Line' and dramatic vocal leaps of 'Wasting My Time'...

Welcome Home sees Hannah Cohen taking a slightly more folky direction, following 2015's indie pop Pleasure Boy. It's a rawer, more natural sounding album - still indie pop, but with a hint of folk.

Of the LP's 10 songs (39 min, 09 sec) tracks like 'All I Wanted' and 'What's This All About' hark back to her previous album, which should help ease her fans into her new style. While an enjoyable enough album, I found it to be a little flat and forgettable compared to her previous release, but you may find the new direction to be refreshing.


Nick Smithson

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