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Artist: Home Body
Label: Feeding Tube Records / Peace & Rhythm
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 April 2019

Fever-pop duo Home Body blends electronic, new wave, and experimental pop music with their new LP, Spiritus, released via Feeding Tube Records / Peace & Rhythm. Through textured layers of synthesizers, gritty beats, and tectonic bass with spirited, stormy vocals, synthesist Eric Hnatow and vocalist Haley Morgan create a visceral sonic landscape that feels equal parts cosmic, fleshy and electric...

There's a lot going for Home Body's new album, Spiritus. It's vibrant, intriguing and infectious, but it's short lived. It's an album to be enjoyed right now, in the moment, but be forgotten about tomorrow.

It takes elements of dream pop, dance music and new wave to deliver something a little different, while still sounding comfortably familiar enough to not scare off those who want something they can easily pigeon hole.

For something fleeting and instantly disposable, this ticks all the right boxes. It's just a shame that you'll probably have outgrown it before the album ends.


Nick Smithson

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