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We Are the Tigers
Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording


Music: Preston Max Allen
Lyrics: Preston Max Allen
Performed by: Cathy Ang, Jenny Rose Baker, Cameron Bartell and Kaitlyn Frank
Label: Broadway Records
Release Date: 26 April 2019

Next up on the virtual turntable is another one that was completely new to me - Broadway Records forte - the off-Broadway Cast Recording of We Are The Tigers. I read the press release a while ago on this, and it sounded really interesting, so was looking forward to hearing it. Nothing has really wowed me this year in the new cast recording arena, so was eager to see what this new release brought to the table.

Written & composed by Preston Max Allen and directed by Michael Bello, the pitch-black comedy is about a dismally low-ranking team of cheerleaders trying to survive the night while being terrorized by a serial killer. Music supervision and arrangements are by Patrick Sulken. The cast of We Are The Tigers features Cathy Ang (KPOP), Jenny Rose Baker (Fiddler on the Roof), Cameron Bartell, Kaitlyn Frank (Newsies 1st National Tour & film), Louis Griffin (Cinderella, Straz Center), Zoe Jensen (Polkadots the Cool Kids Musical, 1stNational Tour), Caroline Lellouche, Wonu Ogunfowora (Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, A Bronx Tale), Sydney Parra (Cleopatra), Celeste Rose (UnexpectedJoy), Mimi Scardulla (Gigantic), Alexia Sielo (Cleopatra), and LaurenZakrin (Natasha, Pierre..., Rock of Ages, Cruel Intentions).

From the first track, it’s clear this is a very lively musical - it reminded me much of Legally Blonde in quite a few ways. It’s a great listen throughout, and with the additions of sections of libretto, makes it very easy to follow (although a by-song synopsis would have improved Robbie’s otherwise perfect inlay notes). As is always the case with Van’s team, the recording and production values are first rate. It’s a credit to them, and the cast, that lyrics are clear as a bell on the recording - something that’s not always the case these days.

Jenny Rose Baker is destined to be a star, that is a given. I loved her vocals on this recording, as always. But she’s not alone here - the whole cast are so solid. 'Skype Tomorrow' is an early favourite of mine - a clever song, superb orchestration and stellar performances. I didn’t come away singing many of the songs (even after a couple of listens), but that doesn’t mean it didn’t stick in my head at all. 'Worst Team Ever' (think 'Oh Mi God' from Legally Blonde) is infectious, as is 'Defence'. I really enjoyed 'Mattie’s Lament' too - a very clever number, and a great performance by Ang.

A great new cast recording - and a lot of fun!


Ian Gude

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