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Useless Coordinates


Artist: Drahla
Label: Captured Tracks
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 May 2019

Part punk, part indie rock, Drahla's new LP, Useless Coordinates is released through Captured Tracks. The album consists of 10 tracks (29 min, 28 sec), which is pretty short for an album...

Overall I didn't really get a feel for the band's identity or direction. Rather than a group with a clear direction, the songs seemed to be all over the place. Some will argue that this is one of their highlights, as the diversity on display makes them a refreshing breath of fresh air. While others will say that it feels like a collection of disjointed ideas and themes that don't really offer anything up for a prospective fanbase to really sink their teeth into.

I didn't really discover much here that I hadn't heard elsewhere. 'Serotonin Level' has an interesting saxophone riff, but otherwise I was left with the distinct impression that I'd heard it all before.


Nick Smithson

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