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Sunday Morning


Artist: Sara Lew
Label: Hun Solo Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 May 2019

Sara Lewis Sørensen, who recently expanded her artist name from "Lew" to "Sara Lew", presents her new album Sunday Morning. The eight songs are constructed to take the listener through existential human considerations, all wrapped up in beautifully lyrical sounds and dreamy rock electronica melodies...

Sunday Morning is not an album that is easily digestible... It's a slow burner and one that you might not ever fully get your head around. In places I couldn't help thinking I was listening to a watered down Björk project. Not that Sara Lew sounds anything like Björk, but the melodies to quite a few of the tracks were very similar in style...

The subject matter is pretty diverse. The title song 'Sunday Morning' describes an encounter with the nature of Scotland, and its exemplification of calm and durability. On 'Leave The Shed' Sara encourages a close friend to dare to step into the unknown and away from the safety net surrounding her. Singles 'You Said' and 'Does Anybody Listen' show her skill at building the relationship between relevant text and impressive musicality, an ability born of years of song writing experience.

I have to admit that I wasn't really drawn to this. After listening to it numerous times over a four week period I never felt that I was any closer to knowing or enjoying the songs. Nothing really stood out and the entire album seemed to merge into one long rambling piece.


Nick Smithson

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