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Live in Dublin


Artist: Lisa Hannigan & Stargaze
Label: Play it Again Sam
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 May 2019

The Lisa Hannigan & Stargaze discography-spanning Live In Dublin album includes fourteen tracks (1 hr, 05 min, 17 sec) – featuring the likes of 'Ora', 'Lille', 'Fall', 'Little Bird', 'A Sail' and 'Undertow' – Hannigan’s sublime vocals and soft-plucked guitars and mandolin are delivered against a hypnotic backdrop of waltzing keys, affective string sections and minimalist percussion...

Live in Dublin started life after a chance-encounter at Cork’s Sounds From A Safe Harbour Festival in 2015. It was there where Lisa Hannigan met Andréde Ridderand the conductor who would discuss his work with his European orchestral collective named Stargaze. The following summer, at Berlin’s PEOPLE Festival, stargaze invited Hannigan to perform a couple of her songs with them on stage.

"The idea of eventually making a record and playing more together felt very natural and easy," says Hannigan. "Having made three records of my own I had a notion of making a live record but wanted to do it in a slightly more unusual way. We called on some wonderful arrangers over the following couple of years and built our setlist up one song and festival at a time."

There's something truly magical about Lisa Hannigan's vocals and when combined with the raw sound that a live recording presents and orchestral backing, this is a beautiful release that will greatly please her fans.

Track listing:

01 - Ora
02 - Prayer for the Dying
03 - Little Bird
04 - Undertow
05 - Bookmark
06 - Anahorish
07 - Nowhere to Go
08 - Lo
09 - Swan
10 - We The Drowned
12 - A Sail
13 - Barton
14 - Fall


Nick Smithson

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