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Outside Notion


Artist: Duncan Lloyd
Label: Afternoon in Bed Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 June 2019

Duncan Lloyd (Maximo Park / Nano Kino) releases his third album, Outside Notion, via Afternoon in Bed Records. Following on from 2017’s acclaimed IOUOME, it is a fresh and definite lean away from the indie rock he is known for. Orchestrated segments and sprawling jams and evolving layers open out to reveal the minutiae of smartly observant often heart-breaking lyrics...

If you've been following Duncan Lloyd's solo albums of late then Outside Notion may come as something of a surprise. Personally I think the new direction is bold and refreshingly chilled.

Tracks like 'Young Dreams' offer up an instrumental feast for the ears, before Lloyd's vocals finally kick in. This laid back approach gives the album an air of maturity while still sounding fresh. In addition 'Journey B' is a lovingly crafted instrumental track.

The LP contains 9 songs (38 min, 27 sec) and sees Sarah Suri guest on the title track 'Outside Notion'.

Overall a wonderfully presented breath of fresh air. This is an album that just keeps getting better the more time you spend with it.


Nick Smithson

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