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On Tour / Reunion


Artist: The Young Ones of Guyana
Label: BBE
Release Date: 21 June 2019

BBE reissue both of The Young Ones of Guyana's original '70s albums on double CD, vinyl and digital download.

Originally recorded in London in 1970, On Tour was the band's debut album. Aside from the traditional Guyanese folk song ‘Yellow Girl’, the album covers a wide range of popular reggae, latin and calypso songs of the day.

It includes a funky interpretations of reggae smash ‘The Liquidator’ and Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘Sing A Simple Song’.

Reunion, was the band's second and final album. It was recorded in Toronto Canada and self released in 1973. Once again it covers a wide range of popular songs from the era, ranging from soul to pop and even the iconic ‘Love Theme From The Godfather’, all performed in The Young Ones’ relaxed, latin-infused style. The Farfisa organ, which featured so prominently on their first offering, was replaced by a Hammond B3 and Fender Jaguar and Gibson guitars were replaced with Fender Telecasters.

There's something that makes you instantly warm to this release. While it's very much of its time, there's an element of comfort and familiarity - not just because they give us their take on some familiar songs ('Ain't No Sunshine', 'You Are Everything'). It's lounge music delivered exactly as you want it.


Nick Smithson

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