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Artist: Jade Jackson
Label: Anti- Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 June 2019

Jade Jackson releases her second full-length album, Wilderness, through Anti- Records. The LP is home to her new single 'Secret', which tells a story of addiction, loss, and the heartbreak that accompanies not just death itself but of a failure to fulfill dreams and to escape the tethers of home...

Fans of indie country music will find much to embrace in Jade Jackson's new album, Wilderness. The LP contains 12 songs (44 min, 28 sec) and is a fairly diverse affair. Sure there are your cliched country tracks ('Bottle it Up' and 'Dust'), but there are plenty of songs that stretch the genre to breaking point.

'Now Or Never' is more an indie rock song, while 'Don't Say That You Love Me' is a pretty solid indie pop track with a western twang.

It's a huge leap forward when compared to her 2017 release, Gilded. Overall, it's an interesting album that throws its doors wide open to welcome everyone. It's a pretty solid and engaging release.


Nick Smithson

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