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Now We Are Timeless


Artist: Imperial Teen
Label: Merge Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 12 July 2019

Imperial Teen’s latest album, Now We Are Timeless, is released via Merge Records. The 10 tracks (34 min, 43 sec) showcasing a diverse array of styles ensuring that it truly does sound timeless...

There's an undeniable upbeat vibe running throughout this album, one that's hard not to get caught up in. It kicks off with 'I Think That's Everything', which has a memorable electronic core.

Other highlights include 'How We Say Goodbye', which is a solid pop rock song; 'Parade', which is a steady, ryhtmic beating pulse that drags you through its duration; and 'Timeless', a Bowie inspired '80 pop track that sticks in your head.

Whether you end up being a fan of what the band deliver here will be very much down to personal taste. Some might find it a bit too cliched and sacrine sweet if they take it at face value. But, scratch down a little deeper, spend a little time getting to know the songs and you'll reap the rewards.


Nick Smithson

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