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Artist: Concrete Concrete
Label: Concrete Concrete
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 August 2019

Concrete Concrete, an instrumental rock band which formed in 2016, release their new LP, Drifter. It tells the story of a restless soul who anxiously leaves its past life for a new destination. The atmospheric eleven-song narrative sways gently from euphoria to melancholia - and then back again - as the main character gradually transitions from a place of chaos and confusion to a new setting in which peace and self-realisation can, and do, occur...

Drifter is an interesting concept, an instrumental rock album which immerses the listener in its storytelling world. To be honest, it's not overly important that you know the narrative behind the tracks, but it does make for a more interesting listening experience.

Speaking about the record, Pei Pang (guitar) says: "It is a story about the life that’s constantly on the move, where uncertainty and determination play tug of war. It’s often struggles to seek belonging, with occasional glitters of joy and fragments of nostalgia along the way. Eventually, we accept and make peace with where we are and what we have become."

The album is comprised of 11 parts (43 min, 15 sec) and mixes elements of rock, jazz, classical to deliver a cinematic feel that's hard not to be caught up in.


Nick Smithson

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