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Chamber Works


Composers: Various
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 August 2019

Patterns is a compilation of contemporary chamber music, by seven composers, for small ensembles.

The collection opens with 'Asymmetry', composed by James William Stamm, which features David William Ross and Adam Levin's performance wonderfully showing off the intricate nature of the piece.

Guitarist David William Ross’s performance on George Raillard’s 'Disintegration' opens with a distinct melody that quickly does exactly what its title suggests, disintegrating into dissonance. 'Two Lords', written and performed by Santiago Kodela, is a guitar suite based on the works of two contemporary non-classical guitarists, Allan Holdsworth (1946 - 2017) and Fredrik Thordendal (b. 1970). The piece’s three movements progress from the darkly toned “Of Textures” through the relaxing 'Of Colours' to the rhythmically rich, upbeat 'Of Mechanics'.

David Arbury’s 'Four Snares', performed by the McCormick Percussion Group, is an exploration of the often-overlooked timbral possibilities of the snare drum. Daniel Adams’s 'Road Traversed and Reversed' also features the Percussion Group’s leader, Robert McCormick. Following an introduction of overlapping roll textures, thematic ideas emerge in an interplay between McCormick’s and Lee Hinkle’s marimbas.

On Bunny Beck’s two-movement 'Suite for Sarro', a string trio is employed to capture sorrow in the face of loss. The album concludes with Jan Järvlepp’s 'Bassoon Quartet', comprised of three movements that range in spirit from adventurous to haunting to lively.

This wasn't really an album I got too much out of - it's actually doubtful that I'll play it again. While, technically, it's incredibly interesting, it's more a collection of music that should be experienced live.

Track listing:

James William Stamm
01 - Asymmetry (6:04)
David William Ross (guitar), Adam Levin (guitar)

Georges Raillard
02 - Disintegration (6:48)
David William Ross (guitar)

Santiago Kodela
Two Lords
Santiago Kodela (guitar)
03 - I. Of Textures (3:31)
04 - II. Of Colours (3:36)
05 - III. Of Mechanics (5:19)

Daniel Adams
06 - Road Traversed and Reversed (7:21)
Robert McCormick, Lee Hinkle (marimba)

David Arbury
07 - Four Snares (5:50)
McCormick Percussion Group
Robert McCormick, Nick Bruno, Kyle Spence, Kevin von Kampen (snare drums)

Bunny Beck
Suite for Sarro
The BAMA Players
Sarah Dennis (violin), Meredith Treastor (viola), Laura Usiskin (cello)
08 - I. Tango For Trio (2:35)
09 - II. Serenity Marked By Discomfort (2:32)

Jan Järvlepp
Bassoon Quartet
Janet Underhill (bassoon 1), Meryl Summers (bassoon 2), Naho Zhu (bassoon 3), Susie Telsey (contrabassoon, bassoon)
10 - I. Cadillac (6:19)
11 - II. Reaching (6:47)
12 - III. Jig (3:41)


Darren Rea

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