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Tangos... & Something More


Composer: Various
Conductor: Alicia Terzian
Performed by: Grupo Encuentros
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 August 2019

Grupo Encuentros perform the compositions from several composers on their latest album, Tangos... & Something More, through Navona Records...

Alicia Terzian is a world-recognized, award-winning composer, conductor, and musicologist. She is on the faculty of the Fine Arts Academy of Chile and Spain and is the conductor of Grupo Encuentros, the official group of the International Encounters for Contemporary Music Foundation and the only permanent group in Latin America.

On Grupo Encuentros's new release, Tangos... & Something More, Terzian conducts as well as presents her own compositions, along with the works of other composers. The album pays homage to the decadence of Old Hollywood and the jazz age.

Each piece is vastly different to the next, yet they all fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It's not an album that will be to everyone's taste, but if you're a collector of modern classical music this is worth checking out.

Track listing:

Aquiles Roggero
01 - Mimi Pinzon (2:50)

Mariano Mores
02 - Cristal (4:15)

Astor Piazzolla
03 - Picasso (3:36)

Astor Piazzolla
04 - Invierno Porteño (6:10)

Alicia Terzian
05 - Argentino hasta la muerte (4:43)

Juan Jose Castro
06 - Lloron (2:24)

Jukka Tienssuu
07 - Tango lunar (6:38)

Lucio Demare
08 - Malena (2:54)

Roque de Pedro
09 - TEn el bar..como un tango (4:10)

Alicia Terzian
10 - Un argentino de vuelta (5:31)

Juan Carlos Cobian
11 - Los mareados (2:19)

Astor Piazzolla
12 - Verano Porteño (7:06)

Daniel Binelli
13 - Llamado de Tambores (8:16)


Darren Rea

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