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Hold on Pretty Woman


Artist: Ben Jagga
Label: BBE Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 August 2019

Ben Jagga’s long-deleted sole solo release is the epitome of Tabansi/Taretone soul-funkboogie disco in its prime, and is very much a family affair. BBE Music reissue Hold on Pretty Woman for the first time...

Hold on Pretty Woman is produced by Ephraim Nzeka (Brother To Brother), and backing vocals come courtesy of artists all with their own solo efforts out on the label: Bummy Olajubu, Judith Ezekoka, Zak Roberts, Eric Kol and Nkem Njoku. BBE's reissue catalogue has released LPs from the last two artists, in particular).

The album has long been in-demand among outernational boogie fans, and usually changes hands privately for princely sums (as of the date of writing these notes, it’s never been offered for sale on Discogs, probably the world’s leading rare vinyl sales site).

This all comes down to whether you're a fan of boogie and disco. It is certainly a product of its time. Its status as a hard to find album will be all the encouragement that hardcore collectors will need to part with their cash.


Nick Smithson

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