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About Time


Artist: Laid Blak
Label: Sugar Shack Records
RRP: £13.99
FOD125V / CD
Release Date: 16 August 2019

Bristol’s Laid Blak release their second album, About Time, via Sugar Shack Records. This is an album that refuses to be pinned down. Is it a Jamaican reggae inspired band? An indie pop outfit? Or something else entirely? The shift in style from track to track helps to keep the music interesting...

There’s something for everyone, regardless of age or musical taste on About Time. It comfortably straddles styles that cover a range of bases in contemporary reggae music. The guest female singers - Tita and Tanya Lacey - add a soulful dimension.

I couldn't help but be reminded of '80s pop group Musical Youth while listening to 'Mic Man (ft Tita Lau)', which is packed with a similar upbeat vibe as well as "RIGHT!" and "Biddley Biddley Bong" backing vocals. This is a million miles away from the modern indie pop / hip hop stylings of 'Fatal Attraction' and modern Reggae sound of 'No Way Out'.

And that's one of this LP's main selling points, it's a varied collection of upbeat and memorable tracks that has a little something for everyone.


Nick Smithson

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