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Blue Days, Black Nights

Artist: De La Noche
Label: Get Loud Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 August 2019

Get Loud Records release De La Noche's debut album, Blue Days, Black Nights, a nocturnal meditation on the nature of love and loss, 11 tracks that flow with lush strings, throaty sax and ethereal synth washes, evoking images of hazy sunsets and neon signs on silent beaches...

De La Noche is Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds) new band. With a healthy '80s synth pop vibe, Blue Days, Black Nights will delight those of a certain age. The tracks melt together to create a whole. This isn't a project you can simply dip in and out of, nor will you find tracks that are instantly your favourite. This is more a slow burner, and one that slowly grows on you over time.

The sound really is a modern take on '80s music. The synths, the sax... It's amazing how these two components alone can transport you back in time.

Overall, this is an engaging and enjoyable piece of throw away entertainment. Sure, it's unlikely you'll be listening to this in a year's time... but for the here and now this is an interesting diversion.


Nick Smithson

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