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Free Company


Artist: Boy Scouts
Label: ANTI- Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 30 August 2019

As Boy Scouts, Oakland-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Vick releases her new album, Free Company, via ANTI- Records. The album is a tuneful rumination on heartbreak and loss...

Free Company is a laid back, soulful LP. It has a '90s indie vibe about it that is hard not to be drawn in by. Over the course of these 9 songs (33 min, 29 sec) Taylor Vick reveals heartfelt tales and some incredibly moving tunes.

It opens on just the right note. 'Get Well Soon' introduces us to Vick's dreamy vocals and knack of being able to deliver a memorable song.

The rest of the album drifts into folk pop, but special mention should go to 'Hate Ya 2', which has a catchy hook that draws you in, then rewards with a hypnotic chorus, and 'Cut It', which strays into indie rock territory.

It's well worth giving this listen. If you're not captivated by Vick's vocals, then her ability to conjure up intricate, fragile classic sounding songs should snare you.


Nick Smithson

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