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Artist: Emily Breeze
Label: Sugar Shack Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 September 2019

Emily Breeze, who is a fixture of Bristol’s underground music scene, releases her new album, Rituals, via Sugar Stack Records. Drawing influence from Vintage Exotica, Lee Hazlewood, Father John Misty, Pulp, David Lynch and all the glorious trash and terror of 21st century life on planet earth, this selection of songs are injected with a level of cynicism and pitch black humour that only a true romantic with a deep love for humanity can get away with...

Emily Breeze has a voice that you'll instantly fall in love with. It doesn't matter what she's singing, you'll be captivated from the first note. She's backed up by her new band, who deliver tunes that perfectly compliment her vocals.

Rituals is an album that's almost impossible to pigeonhole - which is a good thing. Of the 9 songs on offer (44 min, 01 sec) 'Work' is the only track that you'll instantly have a feeling of its possible inspiration. If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was a long lost Pulp single.

The only pause for thought is the cover of Buddy Holly's 'Raining in My Heart'. But Breeze slows it down, giving it a post apocalyptic trippy delivery.

Not a million miles away from a modern day Patti Smith, Breeze whirlwinds into our lives... and nothing will be quite the same again.


Nick Smithson

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