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Worlds Collide


Artist: Michael Janisch
Label: Whirlwind Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 September 2019

Michael Janisch releases his new LP, Worlds Collide, via Whirlwind Recordings. Tirelessly active as solo artist, session player, composer, producer and record label owner across the British, US and European scenes, Janisch's new project is one that should be warmly embraced by jazz enthusiasts...

Michael Janisch's Worlds Collide is a jazz record for those who usually shy away from the genre, whilst still drawing in fans of the scene. Those who view modern jazz as nothing more than a group of musicians who are all in the same room, but playing their own tune regardless of what the other band members are doing, will soon discover what they've been missing by sticking to their rather blinkered views.

While the majority of tracks do still reflect this negative cliched view, it's the way that its tackled that makes this an enjoyable album. Album opener, 'Another London' starts as a cohesive, well paced and practice venture, before the musicians start to stray off in their own directions. This coming together and then pulling apart approach appears to be the album's main motif.

It's a fluid, diverse collection of pieces that is certainly worth seeking out. It might not be your thing... but then again, it could set you on a path of discovering the intricacies of jazz.


Nick Smithson

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